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So what is EMDR?
EMDR is a psychotherapy developed in the 80’s by Dr. Francine Shapiro to treat severe cases of post trauma – among veterans and sexual abuse victims. Only after it was proved to be effective within weeks(!) time after time for severe situations, it got used for variety of situations among the general public. It’s a psychological treatment that yields profound results within weeks and months in situations that other therapies require years.
  •  A scientific, evidence based, measurable and extremely fast (3-12 sessions for specific issues) psychotherapy.
  •  Developed initially in 1987 to resolve trauma symptoms within weeks that previous methods of therapy could not resolve in years. 
  •  After showcasing its effectiveness in difficult cases after only a few weeks, it was adapted for use in a wider variety of psychological obstacles.
Your EMDR Therapist: Dr. Tal Croitoru
  •  Accredited EMDR consultant and practitioner M.S.W, M.B.A., a doctoral researcher and lecturer at the University of Haifa.
  •  Every time I encounter someone who has years of therapy under their belt, or someone desperate for help, who has spent years thinking about getting that help, yet never does - whether due to financial considerations or the length of time required to devote to it, I feel a tug at my heart, because I know there is another way.
  •  I decided to step up and fulfill my mission - to let more people know about EMDR and the positive affects it can have on the lives of millions who needlessly suffer, or who have obstacles that can easily be removed when done in the right way.
  •  I established a chain of clinics in my home country, to present an alternative - psychological therapy that is fast, deep and measurable; that on one hand has hundreds of studies backing up its claims, and on the other, has satisfied patients who achieve results in a matter of weeks.
  •  In 2012, I founded EMDR Experts International - specializing in providing premium EMDR therapy via the internet, as well as valuable psycho-educational products that can shave years off the time spent in therapy.
If you have remembered at the last minute, that you have  a challenging sports-related, professional or personal task awaiting you, and you need specific reinforcement, an individual appointment session may be enough to give you the boost you need to get to the other side. Contact us now to book an appointment for immediate specific reinforcement 
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how does EMDR work?
When you have an overwhelming event (because it was severe or because you were weak or sick) your brain is flooded and can’t process the event in real time. The result is that this memory is stored in your brain in an unprocessed form – with the thoughts, feelings, body sensations, images and smell of the event. When trigger happens – they start to “replay” in the same degree they were stored and thus we feel again what we felt back then, even if it’s not appropriate to the present. 
In EMDR we locate those unprocessed events that created what stops or bothers you in the present, and then we reprocess them. During the reprocessing you get back to the stored memory using the 4 channels – sensory, cognitive, emotional, somatic and then we reprocess the event by enabling our natural processing systems to work. 
During the reprocessing the therapist makes sure that both of your hemispheres (the left – the more cognitive one and the right – the more emotional and somatic one) actively participate. In other therapies – talk therapies – mostly the left hemisphere participates thus there is a gap between what we know that we are supposed to think and feel, and what we actually feel. In order to make sure that both hemispheres are in the process we use non-invasive bilateral stimulation. After those events are processed they no longer can be triggered by the present, so your present reactions are no longer a “play” of past events.
Change Your Life One Memory At A Time
Test Yourself
  •  Do you experience negative feelings for a significant length of time, or as the result of a crisis or event, that don’t seem to improve on their own? 
  • Do you feel that you have internal obstacles that prevent or inhibit you from advancing and breaking through, even though in theory, you know what needs to be done? 
  •  Have you noticed that you exhibit patterns of behavior that hinder you in your personal or professional life, that awareness alone, do not prevent you from repeating? 
  •  Do you have unpleasant feelings, or fears and concerns that prevent you from speaking before an audience or on camera, cause you to feel uncomfortable being the center of attention, and block you from advancement in your personal or professional life?
If you answered YES to even one of the above, and you are interested  in a proven, reliable, measurable and fast solution by trained professional therapists, contact us today to book an appointment and see results within a matter of weeks.
Where Can EMDR Be Used?
Terror attacks, shooting incidents, earthquakes, PTSD, victims of violence.
Betrayal, separation, divorce, difficulties with intimate relationships, low self esteem. Treating phobias, anxiety, depression, body image
 issues, tantrums, post-partum depression 
Performance anxiety, difficulty creating intimacy, improving performance (when not based on physiological reasons).
Removing internal obstacles for top performance: Help with anxiety before an exam, improvement in educational goals, help in preparing forPsychometric 
exams and other tests.
Eliminating internal obstacles to reach your peak. Performance anxiety, aiding in achieving your best when presenting or performing for investors, learning to overcome work crises (including termination), help with procrastination, requesting promotion or raise, eliminating internal obstacles that prevent you from expanding your business or going out on your own.
Overcoming psychological effects of injuries on your performance ability, improving athletic achievements, 
preparing for sports related events.
How will I know if it really works?
  •  Proven and Reliable - Therapy that yields significant results in a matter of weeks, in cases where other therapeutic methods require months and years. 
  •  Recognized and Approved - An evidence based therapeutic system, recognized by the top internationally renowned bodies, including The American Psychological Association as well as The American Psychiatric Association. 
  •  Fast and Measurable - Within weeks, you will see the improvements for yourself.
"EMDR is the most revolutionary, important method  to emerge in psychotherapy in decades." - Herbert Fensterheim, Ph.D. Cornell University. 

"The speed at which change occurs during EMDR, contradicts the traditional notion of time as essential for psychological healing."Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry 
Boston University School of Medicine.
Client Recommendations
“It’s hard for me to describe the enormous impact EMDR has had on my life, on how I conduct myself, in my professional life, where I am just beginning to ourish, and also in my personal life – in my relationship, in how I parent my kids, and in my friendships as well. More importantly, I feel in nitely stronger than ever before, ready to deal with any hardship and uncertainty without fear, because I now know that I won’t conduct myself based on my past and my lack of self-worth, but instead, based on current insights into my abilities to deal with events in the here and now. This is without question the greatest gift I could ever have given myself”.
“About a year and a half ago, I started working at a hi-tech firm, with a  salary lower than I felt I deserved. I took the offer but planned to ask for a raise, after 6 months of proving myself on the job. Six months passed, and another month, and then another, and I hesitated. The thoughts that were going through my mind were: Maybe I’m not good enough. Maybe they are not satisfied with my performance. Perhaps it’s rude of me to ask for the raise… The therapist and I worked together for less than an hour, and while processing I already felt a boost in my self-esteem. Based on the session, I learnt to stand my ground when dealing with authority 
figures. It took some time, but eventually I approached my boss to discuss  the issue… I did get the raise and was eventually promoted to a managerial position”
“I was a new mother, but instead of being happy and enjoying the baby, as  I had always imagined I would, I would get irritated with him all the time. I was angry, screaming and impatient. I would cry all the time and daily situations appeared as mountains too high to climb. I felt unable to deal with any challenge. I didn’t even have energy to deal with my husband, and I would get impatient with him. I would argue and angrily explode at him in tears at regular intervals. This was coupled with unbearable feelings of guilt… After starting therapy, I began noticing its influence at home - my patience slowly improved, I was able to enjoy my son and feel much more competent. I simply felt like I had returned to the real me. First of all, the ‘bags’ of guilt simply shrunk and disappeared. I felt as if 20 kg of hardships had fallenby the wayside. I felt more alive and able once again to enjoy the simple things in life, from my son’s 
smile to my husband’s hugs. Even my husband noticed a change and felt  like he finally got his wife back. Mainly I felt complete with myself and who I was, with the kind of mother and spouse I was, and with everything I did… It’s hard to describe in words how such a huge change can come about via so few therapy sessions…”
Change Your Life One Memory At a Time...
(Without being in therapy for the rest of your life...)
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100% of the experts, professionals, and lay people who are recommending us are doing it because they fully believe in our ability to help. We have never given, nor will we ever offer any financial incentive for recommending our unique service.

Choosing the right therapy for you is a critical decision. What frightens you the most in choosing the wrong therapy? Is it the potential for financial loss? The suffering you might experience? The months -- or even years -- that you might be wasting? The situation getting worse?   

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